Will Harris: Being A Complete Player

Will Harris: Being A Complete Player

HooNation has another great interview with 2006 UVa signee Will Harris. In this one on one session we hit on a variety of interesting subjects and Harris pulls no punches and talks about one rumor about him that has been circulating. The Corona, NY native has quickly become one of HooNation's best interview subjects ever!

Dave Leitao has put together a tremendous initial recruiting class in his first season for the University of Virginia. One word that many people use to describe his first class is versatility and at the top of that list it's hard to find fault with Brewster Academy's Will Harris. The New York native has a nice inside-outside game and he continues to get better as each day passes. We recently sat down with the future Cavalier and had a candid interview concerning a number of topics.

KF: Talk about the difference between playing last year at school and against prep competition at Brewster now? Is there a big difference?

WH: Well last year, I was in the prep ranks also. But at Brewster its a little different because we are currently #1 in conference play, so everyone goes at us a little harder than they would someone else.

KF: So far what part of your game has coach Smith worked with you the most on?

WH: Well up to this point coach has been trying to work with me most on my ball handling, he knows that I am a guard, and he says that in order for me to be an elite guard at the college level and beyond that I have to pick up my ball handling.

KF: We've heard rumors that you were or possibly still are looking at making a jump directly to the NBA. Any truth to those rumors?

WH: (Laughs) that is funny that that rumor is going around because I've never heard about that rumor. But there is NO truth to that rumor AT ALL. I am very focused on coming into Virginia next season and helping bring the program to the top of college basketball. The NBA is a goal that I have set for myself and when the time is right I will know, but for now the University Of Virginia is the place for me.

KF: You guys have played well considering there really isn't a true/big center or power forward on the team. Has it been tough for you playing inside more than normal or do you think of it as a chance to add another dimension to your game?

WH: Well, before my junior year, I have always played inside because no coach has had enough confidence in me to put me on the wing. I don't find it tough at all, I am a basketball player and I want to be the most complete player that I can be. Coach Lanier always talks to me about being complete and that what I try to be every game I play. I do what every coach needs me to do to win the game.

KF: What's your favorite movie?

WH: My favorite movie is Troy.

KF: Favorite music artists?

WH: My favorite music artist, thats a tough one. I have so many that I like. but if I had to pick one I would have to say Jay-Z.

KF: Any pregame rituals or superstitions that you go through before games?

WH: While on the layup lines I always go over to the refs and introduce myself and wish them a good game, its a little superstition that I have. I figure if you're nice to them before the game they they will remember that during the game. And I always make sure to talk to my mom before every game, she gives me the confidence that I need to play well.

KF: Finish this sentence...."If I weren't playing basketball________is a sport I think I'd be just as good at?" Why?

WH: I say football because I have the physical body and athletic abilities for it. I've never played football before though. A lot of people tell me that I would be a pretty good tight end. (Laughs)

KF: Which do you prefer......a big dunk or a three pointer?

WH: Well, I would prefer a big dunk because I love to get the crowd in the game and that is the best way to liven up the crowd is with a dunk. But if the game is almost to the end and there's only a few ticks on the clock I would rather hit a big 3 because its so suspenseful and I love suspense.

KF: What player would you most like a chance to dunk on?

WH: I would have to say Big Ben Wallace because he's such a great defensive player or even Alonzo Mourning because he is a tremendous shot blocker. It'ss no fun if you can't dunk on the best defender, ok, maybe it is a little.

KF: Are you going to Charlottesville early in the summer to get a head start on working out with your teammates and schoolwork?

WH: I'm definitely planning on getting to campus early so I can get a head start on things, learn the campus, and meet people. I want to be completely adapted to the university by the time school really starts.

Will Harris

HooNation.com will continue to follow Will Harris' season with Brewster Academy as they trek towards another deep run into the NEPSAC playoffs hopefully culminating in a championship. We will talk with the future Hoo every few weeks and keep you informed of all the latest news concerning UVa basketball.

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