O.C. Wardlow Photo Gallery: Shrine Bowl

O.C. Wardlow Photo Gallery: Shrine Bowl

Inside a look at some photos of 2006 UVa commit O.C. Wardlow at work during practice for this Saturday's Shrine Bowl.

O.C. Wardlow Photo Gallery
(Shrine Bowl Practices)

O.C. prepares to fire another dart during an early morning practice session.

O.C. overlooks the defense before running the play.

Wardlow runs down the line to try to get to the outside on the defense as massive lineman Carl Johnson (63) prepares to seal his side.

Spotting a defender who penetrates the blocking Wardlow prepares to make a move to elude the defense.

Wardlow baits the defense perfectly as he makes a beautiful pitch to his running back.

Preparing to sell the pitch to the running back Wardlow threw a 30 yard bullet to future teammate Chris Dalton resulting in high fives all around for the players on offense.

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