2006 Commit: QB Marc Verica Update

2006 Commit: QB Marc Verica Update

HooNation checks in with 2006 commit QB Marc Verica. A shoulder injury has kept the outstanding QB prospect out of action for almost half the season but he's managed to do quite well in a system that doesn't throw the ball much. Read more inside.

Monsignor Bonner HS (PA) quarterback Marc Verica gave the University of Virginia a commitment back in July and HooNation checked in with him to see how things have progressed for him so far this season.

"Well I've only played in about 4 games. I've been playing with a separated shoulder and my team doesn't throw the ball much. I've got like 600 yards passing for 5 touchdowns and 3 rushing touchdowns." Marc also said, "Well our team has a 1-7 record and we're struggling big time.

Given that he mentioned the shoulder injury we were compelled to ask him just how severe the injury was. Verica responded, "It won't require surgery or anything it's just an injury that takes time to heal. It won't heal until after the season so I figure after the season I'll get back to 100%."

Verica was scheduled to visit during the Florida State game but mother nature wouldn't cooperate. "Well I was scheduled to come down for the FSU game but my game was cancelled due to bad weather and was rescheduled to Sunday so I couldn't make it down. We had to reschedule my visit and I'll be down for the Virginia Tech game."

Hoo fans will be happy to hear that Verica is solid with his commitment to Virginia. "Yeah that's where I'm headed...no doubt. I'll take my official visit in December sometime. I'm not considering any other schools. UVa is it for me."

Although Verica wasn't able to attend the FSU as he planned he was able to catch it on television and he shared his thoughts about the game with us. "From watching the game on TV you could see just how great of an atmosphere Scott Stadium has. The sea of orange was impressive. The intensity of that game was electrifying. It was really cool. I really wish I could've made it down for the game but I'm really excited about going the Virginia Tech game."

Verica shared his intentions on what he plans to do after the season is over as well. "Well I haven't really been able to lift with my shoulder being hurt. I want to try and pack on 20 pounds and that should get me to 205 or 210 pounds. Basically I'll be running a lot and trying to get myself into the best possible physical shape before I get to Charlottesville." The strong armed signal also keeps in contact with the Virginia coaching staff on a regular basis. "I talk with coach Price at least every 2 weeks and I call coach Mike Groh from time to time too."

What makes Marc Verica such an intriguing quarterback prospect? We asked him that very question and he said, "I would say my arm strength for one. My poise, my leadership ability, and overall athleticism. I think I have a good understanding of the game as well and my work ethic is very strong. It's a big difference in high school and college. When you go to the D-1 level you're a little fish in a big pond again and you have to work so much harder."

Verica spends what little free time he has on Sundays watching two of the best quarterbacks currently in the NFL as much as possible. "I like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Peyton Manning is such a student of the game. I mean he's calling plays at the line and he has such great anticipation. He'll throw a ball before his receiver makes his break and there's really no chance for a DB. Then with Tom Brady I like his poise. He'll be getting pressured and he stands in there and makes the right pass. I really like his game."

Although his team has struggled this year Verica is a determined young man who intends to work extremely hard this offseason to try and prepare himself to be ready to contribute on the next level.

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