Meet 2005 Signee Pat Slebonick

Meet 2005 Signee Pat Slebonick

Right now Slebonick says his biggest strength is his mind, his ability to adjust and learn quickly.

Patrick Slebonick, the offensive lineman out of North Stafford, Virginia is happy to be a Hoo, but why did he decide to go to Virginia?

"In the end it was probably the education that I'm going to get there, and then to make the deal even sweeter they are a team on the rise. They also have a very lineman-friendly offense since coach Prince is also the offensive coordinator. The whole coaching staff is great though, the most energetic of all that I met."

So what does Slebonick like about Coach Groh?

"Well, because he's an alumni of Virginia he just brings this excitement back to the program, in practices he is unbelievably hands on and he just walks around the field offering pointers to different positions. He also sets high expectations for the team in work ethic and performance. His NFL experience is also a plus because he has a ton of connections, and also knows what it takes to be in the NFL. He tries to get players he thinks are in that mold and tries to develop them to be ready for the NFL."

What kind of role does Slebonick think he will have with the team?

"Well, I think that I will fit into the offense at UVA as either a Guard or a Center, and I think that my main role this season will be as a back-up and just working so that I can move into a starting spot down the road."

Slebonick visited the campuses of NC State, Maryland, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, and James Madison, as well as of course Virginia's. Out of all Slebonick said about Virginia's, "The campus is great, by far it is the best I've ever been too, it is a beautiful town with lots of history, but at the same time has very modern amenities in their technology departments. When you think of a college you want to go to, it is Virginia."

What guys is Slebonick most looking forward to playing with?

"I don't know, there are a lot of exciting players. Brian Barthelmes, Brad Butler and Brick (D'brickashaw Ferguson) are all guys who I can learn a lot from in the first year. Chris Long is a character and he's good, also Ahmad Brooks because he's so exciting. I mean playing with that whole new set of guys will be fun."

Right now Slebonick says his biggest strength is his mind, his ability to adjust and learn quickly. His biggest weakness is his foot speed and overall speed so he can adjust better at the college level. Currently Slebonick can run the 40 in 5.3, and can bench press around 350.

What is Slebonick's most embarrassing moment in football?

"My most embarrassing moment in football was a game against Culpepper my freshman year. I was on Varsity and had done well all season, but in this game I totally got destroyed. The second time we played them I actually even ended up with a concussion, they had a really good defensive end and his constantly handing it to me was embarrassing. Of course that was my motivation for the off-season and the next year I beat him around."

How many wins does Slebonick think Virginia gets next year?

"I won't go out on a limb with a number, but I will say that the guys have been working real hard all of season and have some real drive, so I would look for an improvement over last years record."

What college does Slebonick most looks forward to playing?

"I'm definitely looking forward to playing Virginia Tech, because just look at the rivalry, but also because Tony North and Cordarrow Thompsong will be playing for them and I was with them this year at North Stafford."

Will Slebonick guarantee a win over the Hokies?

"I would really like a win, and the bragging rights that come with it, and I can also guarantee a lot of hard work toward winning it." Recommended Stories

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