UVa Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

UVa Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.- Virginia coaches Mike London, Tom O'Brien and Marques Hagans were all challenged to the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness for ALS.

Many people across the country are challenging others to have ice water dumped over their heads-all for a good cause. The "Ice Bucket Challenge,"which has gone viral, is a way to bring awareness to ALS.

Also known as Lou Gherig's Disease, ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This disease affects a person's motor skills and eventually most patients are not able to walk, swallow or even speak.

The way the challenge works is once challenged, you may either get dumped or donate a $100 to an ALS charity of their choice. The Virginia coaches have accepted the challenge.

Tom O'Brien

Mike London

Marques Hagans

(no video but one great picture courtesy of UVa media relations)

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