Sehic’s Recruitment Picks Up

Sehic’s Recruitment Picks Up

Samir Sehic’s recruitment is picking up stream. The Cypress Woods high school (TX) power forward is receiving a lot of interest from ACC schools. Sehic talks the latest with

Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Nebraska-I’m up up to 20 offers.” Samir Sehic’s recruitment has certainly picked up in recent months.

The Irish were one of the the latest teams to offer the Cypress Woods high school (TX) power forward,.

“Coach (Mike) Brey has been there. He has been pushing me, helping me, and I see him all the time (at tournaments).”

Virginia is another ACC school that has also begin to show interest.

“Ever since the Top 100 camp, they have jumped in there,” explained Sehic. “They are the new school in there. They haven’t offered me yet, but they have been recruiting me very hard. The head coach (Tony Bennett) has seen me play in Washington D.C.”

The Top 100 camp was held at the John Paul Jones Arena, and Sehic definitely left impressed by the facilities. However, that is not the only thing that stands out about the program.

“I love their program. I like the way they play that game. I like to be able to stretch the floor inside and out and that is exactly how they want to play.”

ACC schools has certainly showed begin to show their interest in landing the power forward, and the interest is mutual.

“ I have a 3.8 G.P.A, so it’s (academics) something I look at.. I want to get the best of both worlds. When it comes to it I am going on a basketball scholarship, not an academic scholarship. I want to go where it is the best fit for me basketball wise. If I get an academic degree after it, that would be great.

“(ACC) is where I am leaning towards. A lot of in the ACC have been recruiting me and offering me and just because they have basketball and academics- a lot of the ACC schools have the best of both worlds. That is something I am interested.” Recommended Stories

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