Video: London Talks Ahead of Spring Game

Mike London

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.- Virginia football head coach Mike London and his team are gearing up for the Spring game on Saturday. London talked to the media about his team's progress, the injuries this spring, the quarterback question and more in the video below.

Virginia football has one more practice before the spring schedule ends on Saturday with the spring game. Head coach Mike London met with the media on Wednesday to discuss where the team is ahead of Saturday's game.

The Cavaliers will be missing between 15-18 athletes on Saturday, so because of numbers, the team will be split into offense and defense-offense in orange, defense in blue and quarterbacks and specialists in white.

Those injuries include Jake McGee (hamstring) and Kevin Parks (wrist). London discusses what he expects from Saturday's game, the progress the team has had and of course the big question surrounding the quarterbacks. Recommended Stories