Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Colonial Forge (Stafford, Va.) cornerback Daniel Ezeagwu holds UVa and Maryland high on his list. But there is another Ezeagwu that the Terps and the Cavaliers might need to impress- Daniel's twin brother, David.

"I'm the older one," said Daniel Ezeagwu.

"He is older by two minutes," laughed David Ezeagwu.

David and Daniel Ezeagwu are twin brothers trying to make an impact on the college football stage. David is an outside linebacker/defensive end, while brother Daniel plays both at corner and as a wide out for Colonial Forge. The high school football team out of Stafford, Virginia, had quite the stellar season. The Eagles flew through the Virginia state playoffs ultimately losing to state finalist Oscar Smith High School one game shy of the finals.

"Once we made a run in the playoffs, it allowed more people to say the team can play, they have some good athletes," stated David.

David holds an offer from James Madison University, with Richmond and Towson knocking; while brother Daniel is being courted by Maryland, Virginia, ODU and JMU.

"We help each other. Even when things are going bad, we make things work," said Daniel. "We make things better. We joke around and we get through it."

Many describe the brothers as inseparable. It started when the boys moved in with their uncle and aunt in the United States eight years ago, away from their parents who live in Nigeria.

"You would want them to be here," said David. " But it has allowed us to be stronger mentally and more independent. It allows you to see things clearer. You know that it all happens for a reason."

David and Daniel had to lean on each other one more time, when their uncle landed a job in Virginia, and the family had to move from Peoria, Arizona to Stafford, Virginia.

"It was a struggle," explained David. "Just because we didn't know anyone here. I already thought my life was planned over there, but then I had to get adjusted to a lot of things."

"When I was in Arizona, I was one of the freshman that got bumped up to varsity and I was playing corner," recalled Daniel. "Beginning of the season, I was all amped up and then my uncle said he found another job and we heard about the move. But I never actually believed it. Then he took the job and came over. It was just very stressful."

"When we first got here we hadn't played football for the first couple of months," stated David. "So the sloppiness was there. You're conditioning isn't good. And when you think you're going to do bad, you're going to be bad. But then week after week it got better, and then people started saying, hey you are pretty good."

Now they will look to each other one more time as they hit the recruiting trail. Daniel is hearing from both the Terps and the Cavaliers quite often. With official visits and in-home visits set to start in January, he will be looking to David for support.

"He tells me things that he knows about the school; he asks me about what position they want me to play; he asks me about pretty much everything...He just knows what I like."

James Madison remains the only school to have offered both brothers. Although it will be hard to separate, the twins are not shutting any doors.

"I would be lying if it won't be a factor in the decision. We will be checking out JMU together so that is a possibility," said Daniel. "But we can separate, we will always be in touch. It would be cool playing with your brother, but I think we could do it. In the end, whatever is best for each other is what we are going to do. We respect that."

"At first it will be hard, but you just have to adjust and adapt," agreed David. "Everything happens for a reason. You just be happy that he went there. You know you both are athletes that are trying to make it happen. It is pretty simple; it is how you want to approach the situation."

Right now they are dealing with other important decisions, who is better at Madden.

"He would say he (Daniel) is better at Madden, but we both go through our hot streaks. He is winning right now because he got me with the 49ers. I play with the Cowboys."

"I am good. I am beating him right now, yeah." Recommended Stories

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