London: We Couldn't Capitalize

Mike London Talks Loss

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.-- Virginia football head coach Mike London talked about not taking advantage and missing opportunities in loss to Clemson.

Opening Statement

"Obviously, Clemson is an excellent football team. Tajh Boyd is as-advertised, and Sammy Watkins as well. They took advantage of a lot of things that we couldn't capitalize on. Their defense is fast and athletic. They played well. We didn't play well enough or coach well enough. We've played a lot of good teams, and that's one of the better ones we've played.

On giving up three quick touchdowns in the second quarter

"You can't have situations like that when you're playing such a dynamic team. They capitalized on those turnovers with quick scores. You almost have to play a perfect game in order to play with an excellent team like Clemson. I was proud of the guys in that first quarter, but toward the latter part of that second quarter, things started to unravel for us. They took advantage of a lot of things."

On Tim Harris' performance

"Obviously, he's dejected. You're out there on display and everyone sees it when a guy gets behind you. But we've seen Sammy [Watkins] get behind a lot of people. The only thing you can do is keep coaching and teaching this young man that better days will come for him. He'll get better and stronger. He'll understand a lot of the concepts we're asking him to do. He has to keep his head up and have a short memory. You don't forget, but you have to get ready to play again."

On how Clemson stacks up against other teams Virginia faced: "The thing that they have is an accomplished veteran quarterback. They have vertical threats in their passing game with Watkins and other guys. They threaten you with the read outside and the speed sweep plays. They do a lot of things that affect the way you play. You can't miss a tackle and you can't be a step too late or too slow because they exploit that."

On David Watford

"You want the throws to be accurate enough so that you give yourself a chance. We'll watch the tape and have a better assessment on it tomorrow."

On team not capitalizing on early momentum

"Those turnovers that happen and the scores in such a short amount of time was the thing that got us on our heels. Trying to adjust from that and get back from that was a hard thing to do."

On lack of passing game

"They did a great job covering those guys up. They disrupted some of the timing of Tim [Smith] and Darius [Jennings] particularly. Whether they're playing press or bump, you need to get off that and give the quarterback a window to throw the ball. We weren't good enough today to make some of those catches and extend some drives."

On Keeon Johnson

"Keeon has continued to get better not only as a blocker but as a receiver. One of the common denominators for guys who can catch the ball is hands. He's got big hands. He's a big man. He's got good vertical stretch and he can go horizontal. Again, he's another player whose best football in front of him. He's learning as we go along. We'll keep coaching him and teaching him, and he's another player who will be really good before he's done playing." Recommended Stories

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