UVa releases Injury Report for Georgia Tech

UVa releases Injury Report for Georgia Tech

Virginia football will be once again be without many of their starters on their defense. But this week it looks like there could be some issues on the other side of the ball. Take a look below.

Virginia football will once again be without cornerback Demetrious Nicholson and defensive tackle Brent Urban, but in a week where the Cavaliers will face the triple option, Mike London will also be without cornerback Maurice Canady.

Here is the complete injury report:


Maurice Canady (medical)

Demetrious Nicholson (lower extremity)

Jon Pond (upper extremity)

E.J. Scott (medical)

Brent Urban (lower extremity)

Doubtful Kyle Dockins (trunk)


Conner Davis (lower extremity)

Ian Frye (lower extremity)

Jake McGee (lower extremity)


Daquan Romero (upper extremity)

McGee did note some pesky injuries on Monday, so it won't surprise me if he gets limited playing time on Saturday.

Here is Georgia Tech's injury report.

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