Cutler Eyes Return

Corwin Cutler

FORK UNION, Va.-- Corwin Cutler is ready to get back to work. The Virginia commit is beginning his career at Fork Union Military Academy and talks to HooNation about Virginia and his road to recovery.

With no a haircut in toll, Corwin Cutler is ready to start his prep career at Fork Union Military Academy. Cutler sidelined last fall is set to return the line-up. According to Cutler's father, Carson Cutler, Corwin is set to return on Sunday when FUMA plays the Christopher Newport JV's squad.

HooNation got to catch up with Cutler at Fork Union before he found out the good news. Cutler talks about Virginia, who he wants to recruit to join him and his recovery. Recommended Stories

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With his big hair and wide smile, it is impossible to miss Corwin "Turtle" Cutler on the sidelines.…