Watford Excited after Winning Starting Role

Watford Excited after Winning Starting Role

Virginia quarterback David Watford was named the man to lead the offense on Monday afternoon. Watford talked to the media about how he feels about his new role; and how he believe he has changed from the player we saw two years ago.

Hours after Virginia head coach Mike London named David Watford as the man to lead the offense, Watford met with the media to talk about his new starting role.

What was your reaction when you found out the news?

I was just very thankful and very excited. And now I am just very humbled. I just wanted to get back to work, and focus back on camp and just getting better with the guys. All the hard work we have been putting in has been really paying off right now.

What did you work on specifically during your red shirt year that helped you prepare for this?

When I red shirted I took a lot of the scout team snaps along with Greyson and Matt Johns, we just played it like a game. It was our game. It was like a Saturday every time we practiced. We were going against the number one defense, so we just tried to complete everything, be accurate with every throw, just be 100 percent and be perfect. We worked every single day with the receivers, I feel like that what really prepared us and got us ready.

Did you see or think that this was the decision that was coming?

We were told it was going to be a tight competition, and that was how we treated it as, as a tight competition. I respect Greyson as a competitor, he is doing one hell out of a job and day by day we just came out here on the field; did what they told us to do and tried to execute everyday.

How do you see your improvement from two years ago?

I feel a lot more confident and just a lot more confident with the offense really. Just my knowledge of the game and my knowledge of what is going on. Being aware of all the situations and knowing where everyone is going to be, just knowing everything. I feel like I know the game better and I have a much better grasp of the game. And I think it shows whenever I am on the field. Around my guys we are always on the same page as an offense as a whole. That is the change from David two years ago and the David today is leaps and bounds the confidence.

What are some of the things that you now see pre-snap that you didn't see before.

Just knowing where the different blitzes and coverages are.. and that certain blitzes lead to certain coverages and lead to certain holes on the field. Coach Fairchild has really pushed us, the quarterbacks as a whole, to know where everyone is going to be and know how the line is going to pick up certain blitzes and he has done one heck of a job. He has drilled us.

How different is the offense now? Coach Fairchild is open to different things. He is a type of guy that wants to give the ball to the playmakers. He just wants to go 100 miles per hour and that is what we are working on.

How did being on the sideline and wearing the headset really help you? You hear everything, it all comes through the headset. I got to hear how the coaches are thinking; how they evaluate the game from the sidelines - I got to see it from the coach's perspective.

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