An Eye Opening Visit for Keihn

Melvin Keihn

The Gilman School (Baltimore) Scout 300 outside linebacker Melvin Keihn had a great visit to Virginia over the weekend. He talked to HooNation about a conversation with Coach Mike London that "proved something."

Melvin Keihn called his visit "great" in a text shortly after leaving Coach Mike London's office on Saturday. Keihn called London "one of the nicest guys I have ever seen," and that enthusiasm didn't die down Sunday night, when HooNation talked to him again.

"It was a great conversation," the Gilman school outside linebacker explained. "I just realized that he cared about football, but he cared about his team more than he cared about winning. The fact that immediately after I got to his office, he asked me how my family was doing , and how I was doing, instead of just talking about football... He knows that football isn't the biggest part of me. Virginia, is like Gilman, they all work really hard and it is like a family."

The Scout 300 outside linebacker said, he not only felt like he had a more personal conversation with the Virginia head coach, but an educational one.

"He was telling me to find a school that I feel comfortable and I can fit in... and where I can get a good degree, because you never know when football can just end. So he was giving me some good life lessons, like how to make to make a big decision like this, and how not to let the whole football part get into my head.

"Usually when I talk to coaches, I don't talk to them like that. My main focus on going to college is to get an education; second to get an experience there at a college; and three get into the NFL if I can. But my main focus is to get that education...The fact that he talked to me about that proves something to me."

Of course, there was also some football talk, and Keihn left feeling good about the Cavaliers.

"They like how I play; they like my energy and they feel like I can bring a lot to the defense, especially with all the players they are going to bring in. They feel like I can help them out, because they are going to go out there and do something special."

During his visit to Grounds, the 6-foot-3, 225 pound playmaker also got the chance to tour the school, seeing everything from the fields to the dorms, and also having a chance to talk to the academic advisor. But for Keihn it was also a chance to reconnect with an old friend.

"Darius Jennings is like a big brother to me. And when I told him I was going up there, he said he was going to make sure he was around. ..It was nice see him and get to hang out with him for the day."

Now Keihn is turning his sights to his next stop, Maryland and trimming his list.

"After my visit Maryland (on Wednesday), I am going to sit down and make a list of some of my top schools. The plan might change because I have to talk to my parents and coaches."

Currently, Virginia Tech, Virginia and Maryland are the three schools showing the most interest. Recommended Stories

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