Virginia Stands Out for Dickerson

Noah Dickerson

North Atlanta (Georgia) 2015 center Noah Dickerson is starting his recruitment early with a lot of schools already giving him glances. The Cavaliers were one of the last teams to offer him this week, and Dickerson shares his thoughts on the program, and why his conversation with Coach Tony Bennett was one of a kind.

"It makes me feel good that my hard work in the gym is finally paying off," said Noah Dickerson of his new offers. "It's a good feeling."

Georgia Tech, Virginia, Tennessee, Auburn and Georgia are among the schools that have extended an offer to the 2015 recruit. From that list, two schools are already standing out for the Warriors' standout including the Cavaliers.

"I am a big fan of the ACC, and Virginia has a rich history," the 6 foot 8, 200 pound Dickerson said. "There has to be a lot of historical value to the school; it is a great school. I also love the coaching staff. I speak with the coaches constantly and I just like them."

Dickerson has been talking to Coach Ron Sanchez the most, but he has had a chance to talk to Virginia's head coach, Tony Bennett. That conversation one that Dickerson will never forget.

"He had a very different approach, I like him," explained Dickerson. "When I was on the phone with him, we talked about basketball, but we talked about other things. He wanted to know about me as a person, because he says basketball will come - I want to know if you are the right person we want around our team. He asked a lot of questions like what movies do I like, what type of music do I listen to."

"It made me feel welcomed. He likes me, he really wants me to get to know me."

Dickerson was not only impressed by his conversation with Bennett, but with Bennett's coaching staff.

"His offense puts people in position to get open jump shots. Open jump shots is a lot easier to knock down," he said. "He also talked about the hard work they do, and the discipline."

The Wahoos are not the only program standing out for the recruit.

"I like Tennessee, I haven't been there on a visit lately, but I will be going there in June. I love their coaching staff as well. I talk to them a lot. They follow my games and show support, I like that."

This summer he is planning to attend a couple of elite camps including Virginia and Stanford. Recommended Stories

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