Family Matters to Tyree Owens

Tyree Owens

Oviedo High (Oviedo, Fl.) defensive end Tyree Owens' recruitment is blowing up, with the Lion standout receiving plenty of new offers including from Virginia. Owens breaks down his new offers and who he would like to hear from next.

"It's been heating up so fast now! Like last week I was offered and this week I was offered again. It's so crazy, I love it!"

Just under two months ago, Tyree Owens received his first offer from West Virginia, and in those two months his recruitment has changed.

Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia Tech, Troy, Marshall, Duke and Eastern Illinois all extending an offer to the defensive end from Oviedo, Florida. And the playmaker even receiving some visitors including Rutgers and UVa. The Cavaliers did not wait long after their visit to offer either, but Owens admits he did not even know Virginia was interested.

"It was kind of out of the blue. I haven't received that much stuff from them," Owens explains. "I got a letter or two, and they came by the school one day. I was definitely surprised by it."

"I don't know too much about Virginia. I am planning to look up the schools that have offered me to find out more about them. I haven't been able to do too much research on them yet."

UVa does have some ground to cover with the Oviedo High standout. Although not set with his top picks yet, Owens has two programs that are standing out from those that have offered.

"I would say West Virginia and Georgia tech stand out the most to me," he said. "Georgia is not that far away from me, while West Virginia is a great school. I've been keeping in touch with them - the coaches they seem just awesome."

The Mountaineer offer was his first, and Owens says he will never forget that.

"They were the first ones to notice me and to think I have the potential to play at the college level. So it means a lot," Owens stated.

It also does not hurt that WVU runs a 4-3 defense.

"I am a defensive end, I get to be a true defensive end in a 4-3," he said. "They have a great defense, and they say with me it can only get better."

As far as the Yellow Jackets, Owens says he still has not had a chance to visit Georgia Tech, but will try to head to Atlanta in the summer.

"They really like me; they say I have potential and I can be a great college athlete," he said about Georgia Tech. "They put me on the phone with the defensive line coach (Mike Pelton), and I was talking to him for a bit and it was great."

Owens is also receiving interest from schools like Florida, Rutgers, Miami and Louisiana State University. And the Lions playmaker said he would love to connect with both the Gators and LSU this summer, especially the Gators at the Florida camp. Although the success of the football program is a critical factor when Owens comes down to making a decision, the 6 foot 4, 225 pound standout says the proximity to family is most important.

"Of course, I'm going to make sure the school has my major - physical therapy. But also to see if it is somewhat close to home," he said.

"I'm looking at schools so my mom can watch me, because that is my main thing is having my parents' support. Because she wants to see games, and I would love her to see me play."

"I have more family in Jersey than I do in Florida," said the New Jersey born Owens. "But Florida is more home to me as of right now. I want somebody in the family to see me play, even if it is not every game."

Owens says family is not just about blood when it comes to choosing a perfect program for him.

"A place where I feel like part of a family," he explains. "Where I am now in Oviedo, it's great. These kids are my family and I love them. I want to have this same relationship with every team I go to." Recommended Stories

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